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        Table Definitions

        Download Current ICRG Tables in Excel Format
        Historical Tables
        • January 2006
        • December 2005
        • November 2005
        • October 2005
        • September 2005
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        How to use ICRG Online:

        There are many tools available at ICRG Online. Here’s how to use the site after you have logged in:

        • Select a Country – Choose a country from the drop-down menu to the left and go directly to analysis for that country. You will get the most recent expert analysis as well as historical analysis for the past year. From any country page, you can  access the ICRG statistical tables–current tables, regional tables, and recent historical tables.
        • Select a Table – Go directly to the ICRG statistical tables by choosing one of the tables from the drop-down menu to the left.
        • Download Tables – Use the link in the menu bar to the left to download all statistical tables for the month in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. You can download the ratings for use in your own risk analysis or to customize the ICRG risk rating methodology.

        The Risk Rating Standard
        ICRG’s risk ratings have been cited by experts at the IMF, World Bank, United Nations and many other international bodies as a standard against which other ratings can be measured. The ICRG has been independently acclaimed by publications such as Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal for the strength of its analysis and ratings system. In studies at academic institutions including Harvard, Duke, and New York University, ICRG has time and again been proven as one of the most reliable and predictive services available.

        All of this means that you cannot find a more reliable, widely accepted standard for rating and forecasting risk than the International Country Risk Guide. If your company is not using the ICRG, you are missing out on the information used by banks, international organizations and your competition.

        An Adaptable Rating System
        With every ICRG, we provide a complete explanation of the methodology used to arrive at our risk ratings. This system was designed to be manipulated and customized by businesses to adapt to their industry and special circumstances. The hard data used to generate the risk ratings is included in the statistical section of each issue. In this way, you can use a spreadsheet and your expert knowledge of your company and industry to create your own risk ratings.

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